Financial Struggles .vs. Sustainable Passive Income

■ On Financial Struggles

I grew up from a family and background where i had seen just too many cases that, financial struggles were among the main causes of decreased personal confidence, health issues caused by anxiety, family fight, and overall negative effects on children, even until they had grown up.

3 decades ago when mobile internet was still not popular, Internet Entrepreneurship was a term hardly heard of. Financial struggles were most obvious among medium-low income groups.

As the wives and mothers, the women counted every cents and ringgit carefully for daily household spending, because the household expenses money from their husbands, remained about the same, throughout 20 ~ 30 years.
As time went on, the Women get easily depressed, even on tiny little things in life. They asked in their heart why their husband were never motivated enough to earn more for the family. A lot of time they released their anxiety on children thru nagging and family fight, without realizing it by themselves. As time went on, their anxiety brought about emotional suffering and health issues. Some went a few extra miles by setting up stalls, selling foods and stuff, but still barely could make decent income.

As the husbands and father, the men felt unrecognized and unappreciated, despite working so hard and dedicated for their employers. Monthly pay and year end bonus remain about the same range, throughout 10 ~ 20 years. Barely can provide a comfortable life for their families. As time went on, they increasingly lost self confidence, got frustrated in life, felt their wife was the main source of troubles, stumbled into alcoholic and gambling. Things got worse when they backed home with drizzle mind and lost temper, releasing the frustration on the wife, thru family violence.
Some men tried to strike fortune from lottery, just to end up 90% loss over every 1000 times of attempts. And they got Even frustrated.

Things were the worst for Single Mothers, back then.

The Chain Reactions. Classic examples of how Financial Struggles bring about consequences in various aspects for an individual, and family :  Health, Life, Relations.

It’s all interconnected.

In those days, men and women who lack of decent cert, but were determined to change their destiny, went on the road of Direct Sales. Amway, CNI, Hai-O Marketing, …. etc.  And with persistence and efforts, they made it.

3 decades on to Now. Mobile internet is part of daily life. Internet Entrepreneurship keep flourishing. Business models evolve to catch up with the advance of this Internet Age. People nowadays can make an Extra monthly 4~6 figures income, just with a mobile device, and from home, together with their personal commitment, persistence, and efforts.

However despite the Change of Times, Financial Struggle remain a big phenomena among low-medium income groups around us.

It never fail to surprise me that, in this Internet Age where things change a whole lot, business models had evolved, some people still think network marketing, or even simple affiliate marketing systems, are something needs to stay away from. I guess some people have been taking for granted too long, about the abundance they get, in the middle class environment. Or, they have YET to catch up with the waves of change of the time.

■ What is Passive Income

💵 Passive Income = Sustainable Money still flow in, regardless you are doing anything… at work, at leisure, at meal, in sleeping;
or, when you stop working one day.

You can only talk about “Earning More BIG Money” or “Get Out of Rat Race” when you can Believe yourself CAN achieve it, and follow with Actions. Otherwise you are forever back to square one, while increasingly getting swept aside by the Wave of Change, end up Regretting Yourself.

I am here to provide solutions and coaching. And the training lessons not only for financial success, but for success in your overall: Health, Life, Relations.

If you are among the people looking for sustainable passive income, leave a message or reach me at HERE and i will be glad to assist you.

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■ For Malaysians Who Hope Our Nation Heal

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For Malaysian Who Love Our Nation.

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May God Bless Malaysia.

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Arlen Roth : The Unsung Guitar Hero

“I was the one who really created the guitar parts for the majority of the film. Bill Kanegiser did the classical playing throughout, and by the ending ‘duel,’ we were ALL involved in that music! Me, Ry, Vai and Bill, all part of the same guitar solos! I’ve still got the guitar from the film, along with many special other things they did for me, such as a special Crossroads strap, etc. 

It was a amazing ride, and despite some of the negatives, such as the credits mess-up, it was a personal and artistic experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!” 
~ Arlen Roth

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Modern Science : All Living Species and Human Are Connected

It’s about Collective Consciousness. All living species and human are truly CONNECTED.

1.. We are what we Eat and Resonant : Antibiotics, Drugs, Despair, Fear, Suffering, Cruelty, WARs….. Think about it..

2… Science have been advanced enough to tell us that : Everything is Interconnected to Everything else, by the resonance of Energy. The ancient wisdom from at least 2600 years ago.

#GoVegan #StopKilling #SaveEarth #EarthPeace


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【How to Avoid WARs : video in Mandarin】>> Kindly reserved 1 hour …. Thanks for watching !

【如何避免 战乱 人祸】>> 请拨出 1 小时,感谢收看!

VIDEO → How To Avoid WARs


Let’s start go Vegan.
Let’s start a Whole Lot Much Healthier Diet Lifestyle that benefits not only for yourself, but for your Parents, for your Family, for our Mother Earth, and, all the Living Species on this Mother Earth.

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How To Stay Undefeated in Romance : For Ladies

There are a whole lot of “Love Tips” out there. In essence, it’s more about techniques, or to be more concise, tactics.

I am just going to share my 2 cents on the 1 key things that matter most for you, if you wish to stay undefeated in your relationship or marriage :
【Never Crutch or Cling on Relationship】.

If you wish to solve a problem, the many different “methods” can help you solve the problem 【partially】, or 【for a limited time frames】. Things might go back to square one if you only use methods.
However, if you wish to solve a problem thoroughly, you would have to look from the 【Source】. Look at how it’s structured. Find the ultimate way to overcome the source.

■【Never Crutch or Cling on Relationship】

Dear Ladies. Relationship and marriage, are not Everything in Life, but only Part of Life.
I have many lady friends who used to fell head over heel about romance, just to realize the many harsh facts after stepping into marriage, and they more or less, regret after.

“I cannot live without you” can exist in songs, movies, stories, but, it cannot exist in your life. Because your life is Real. Whether or not you have a sweetheart, it still boils down to

【How you Live your Life】.

#1… You have the greatness in you. Believe in your greatness. Believe that you do not actually depend on anyone else to kick away your emptiness, loneliness.

#2… Your Emptiness, Loneliness, come from Not yet knowing fully how to live a Meaningful Life.

#3… Stop focusing on how lonely you are. Start 【Living in Present】.

Everyday, count your blessing. Feel grateful.
Say thank you to the things you already have in life : a roof over head, or a body that can carry out daily life, or sufficient foods, or a job, or all those people who helped you before…..
Or, ALL of above things.

Live a mindful life. Just like how you did in school days : Focus Attention.
When having a meal or a beverage, say thank you to it, then enjoy the meal with attention.
When doing household chores, sweeping, washing, tidying….
put your full attention Just on these things, from start to finished.

Stop thinking about any other things.

#4… Make good use of your free time, doing things that are your passion. Exercise at home. Learn Yoga. Learn music. Baking. Drawing. Mountain hiking. Join volunteer charity works…etc.

If you are already in marriage, you have to first Love Yourself, in addition to loving your children.
By knowing to love yourself, you will then understand the importance to set out some Time for your own.

When you fork out some quality time for your own, then you can Learn, then you can Grow. Then things in your life will become greater, because you had learn to manifest your potential into life.

When you can fully put your attention on 【Living in Present】 and 【Caring about Others Suffering】, instead of focus only on your sweetheart, THEN your attractiveness shine from your inner substance, naturally.

What are your inner substance ? Your kindness. Your considerate mind. Your compassion. Your independence.
Your sweetheart will keep after you, instead of Other. ( Provided your sweetheart is a man of worth with substance )

#5… See #1.
I wish you could stay undefeated in your romance or marriage.

To your success and Thanks for reading !


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I am a part time internet entrepreneur and couch, assisting people to achieve monthly income above 5 figures in 5 to 10 years time. If you are determined to change your destiny, feel free to buzz me HERE

What Does Chap Goh Meh means to Everyone, Not Just Chinese

【Luck】is a layman term. In modern scientific term, it’s called 【Energy】. In modern science, everything, including you and me, were constructed from Energy. The Universe is all about Energy.

■ What people think about Chap Goh Meh, the 15th of Jan in Lunar Calendar :

…. the last day in the Chinese New Year, and the Chinese Valentine Day
…. the day to look for their future partner/ boyfriend/ girlfriend
…. the day to throw mandarin oranges into rivers for this purpose
■ What Chap Goh Meh really means, underlying :
…. the golden chance to Boost Your Luck


If your career or relationship has been fantastic in the past 10 years, then Congratulations ! You are going to have 50% potential like Li KaShing, the well-respected Hong Kong business giant, whose business empires remain solid as rock across a few decades.

However, if your career or relationship has been up and down, and maybe a few enemies here and there, then this is a golden chance for you to upgrade your Luck.

■ How to Boost Your Luck on Chap Goh Meh

The day before, or on this day itself, do at least 1 or all of these things :

>> give angpau to people who are less privileged than you, or to people at your workplace

>> bring healthy foods and daily necessaties stuff to homeless people, orphanage, old folks home, ….. etc.

>> bring smiles and happiness to these people, with your special talent, such as playing music for them

>> visit these less privileged people and do a group prayers for them

And THEN : before you leave them, send good wishes to them, wish them always be blessed with good health , great abundance always, great people assistance towards them.

【And Most Importantly : do all above actions , entirely from your heart, with good intention, with Minimal Selfishness.】

Then you are done. I guarantee you will feel Great after doing it, on this very day.

Once you feel great and appreciated, you start to tap into the energy of great abundance, wealth and great relationship.

When you start receiving all these great things to you, your confidence is further boost. You get greater motivation in your career, life, relationship. And the motivation push you to keep going and not giving up.

So you will get the Great results.
And it circulates.

Your Luck is part of your Destiny. Your Destiny is the Reality created by your Thoughts and Actions from the endless past times.

Thoughts and Actions consist of Energy. The Law of Universe.

When your intention are to first benefit others, good lucks follow you, naturally. The positive vibes circulate among the community.

The ancient wisdom says, 【GIVE first, then you will Get, naturally】

To all the Chinese readers, Happy Chap Goh Meh !

To your success and Thank you for reading .

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I am a part time internet entrepreneur and couch, assisting people to achieve monthly income above 5 figures in 5 to 10 years time. If you are determined to change your destiny, feel free to buzz me here  >>

# 916 Rally: STOP Your Panic

Here’s the sum-up i’m going tell you before i elaborate further:-

1. First of all thing: STOP Your Panic.
2. The historical 513 tragedy WILL NOT happen again.
3. IF any of you still feel any sence of Panic -> Go back to 1.

OK. You have seen posts, news, pictures, comments flying all over the internet, aside from media news.

The posters on walls depicting “Blood Bath”. Targeted to certain ethnic group.

This is clearly a kind of Terrorism. Very much US-goverment-style-Terrorism, in Malaysia-version.
The manipulation of the people’s mind, by feeding massive negative energy into the subconscious of the mass public.

All notorious government would do that with the ultimate goal to Stay In Power.

Terrorism created Inside-out, leveraging on the power of certain groups of followers with deviated-mind. Terrorism infused by Racial Hatred.
A plan staged up so well by certain group of people with AGENDA.
Threats everywhere … people spread out all over like strong wind … various rumours start… conflicts heighten up the heat on internet … deepen conflicts ….. deepen hatred among ethnic groups.
Their goals achieved.

You will NEVER get the REAL Truth from mainstream media, except by your rational, analytic, and the most key element: your crystal clear heart and mind, wiring up all the details from all angles.
The moment you’re going to hit the SHARE button on social media to spread some fierce posts like above mentioned, have you given a second thought yet ?
Are you trying to spread it blindly, or convey it with some constructive/ positive ideas ?

You could see further down on what it really means by Constructive or Positive ideas.

Do you think you are alone ? Do you think the targeted ethnic group are alone ?
Let me tell you that, STAY CALM.
There’re certain groups of people in this city, and even across the states and across ethnic, all these while have been staying very much low-profile, doing all the necessary background job as an obligation, EVERYDAY, to ensure the overall conditions of our beloved nation are not out of control.

“Danger is real, but Fear is Choice” !

Stop falling into the trap of Fear-Mongering.
The only REAL way to get out of the loop of Fear, is to let your heart and mind to fill with Constant POSTIVE energy.

Why Fear-Mongering can be a potential weapon to attack human’s weakness ?
Simple. Because those people know very well that, human’s MIND and HEART is the most powerful channel to spread energy.

You see, the combined power of groups of people can be such powerful,
WHY  DON’T  EACH OF US  MAKE THE BEST  OUT OF IT  by Turning it to More and More POSITIVE VIBE ?
It’s your Positive Mind, Positive Intention, and Positive Actions that count.

To tame your enemy, first of all you need to tame YOUR own heart.
i would like to repeat:-

1. First of all thing: STOP Your Panic.
2. The historical 513 WILL NOT happen again.
3. IF any of you still feel any sence of Panic -> Go back to 1.

Now here are some of the example of constructive ideas that might be of inspiration to you.

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STAY CALM. Stop Hatred. And keep your prayers.