# In Cross Road ? Then You’re in the Right Place Here

Reasons that everyone should consider having his or her own career, at least as a side job, if not as full-time self-employed.

Are you satisfied with your current style of work-life ?

Are you contended with your current job ?
Have you ever thought about:

– how your life would go in the next 5, or next 10, or even more years, when the dollars just barely able to catch up with inflation ?

– jumping out from the daily “Rat Race” of working with your employers, skipping the hassle of commuting, traffic jam in which you could have make these hours more productive?

– how can you achive work-life balance when you are still struggling with a so-called “demanding job” but not necessary pay you well ?

– what IF any unforseen things happened ?

Look, which of the following you would like yourself to be :-

  •   Work with your employer

– probably is your dream job, but not the troubles of the people and things that happened out the trouble from the people, and not when you are always the one cleaning up the shit

– relatively financial freedom, but not the time freedom

– you put out all the best of your effort and your time but not fully or not really appreciated

– you work out the best of yours but in the eyes of your employer, you are nothing more than a piece of chess on a chess board game, which in other words any chess on the board can be discarded.

  •  Online Entrepreneurship – on your own

– you can still work on your dreams, your interests, your passions, and minus off a lot much troubles from people, and stop being the one who clean up other peoples’s shit

– financial freedom, plus time freedom; and you can achieve the real work-life balance; more times with your loved ones, more time for your hobbies, more time dedicated to assist in creating values for a lot more other people.

– the results are the best rewards to make yourself feel appreciated and contended, tangible and intangible.

Now, if you are still struggling and wondering, you probably should consider planning out a job transition period for yourself — start pick up the pieces in part-time basis.
Yes, you are all drained out after entire day of your full time job, may be even on weekends.

But remember : IF You never start walking out even a single step, you would be forever in square one.

And IF your current job really drain you up, leaving you almost losing yourself, then think again: WHY are you still willing to continue with the job ?

So that leave for your dear self for ponder.

Are you ready for a more promising challenge which would transform your life ?

Then feel free to come back often wandering around this blog.

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