# GST times ~ Can You Survive ?

Alright, you have a stable job now, but the payroll just enough to get you make ends meet. That’s it ?

The arrival of GST time in Malaysia, implies that, you should have a Really Great motivation to make even MORE money.

Look, why should you limit yourselves in the loop of “workforce” ?
Plenty of choice you could pave. Start your side income jobs. Start with smart investment. Besides *just* by saving money.

You will never have good enough to save with GST times coming and lurking in here forever, couple with inflation in next, next and more next coming years. Just like what is depicted OVER HERE :-

Low-Middle income Malaysian are getting harder to cope with GST times.
Poor-people-mindset. Rich-people-mindset. Which one you choose ?  Time to make one more move.

i could introduce to you more options. If you are interested to know HOW, feel free to drop me a message over here, or add me in wechat: deflepfollower



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