# 916 Rally: STOP Your Panic

Here’s the sum-up i’m going tell you before i elaborate further:-

1. First of all thing: STOP Your Panic.
2. The historical 513 tragedy WILL NOT happen again.
3. IF any of you still feel any sence of Panic -> Go back to 1.

OK. You have seen posts, news, pictures, comments flying all over the internet, aside from media news.

The posters on walls depicting “Blood Bath”. Targeted to certain ethnic group.

This is clearly a kind of Terrorism. Very much US-goverment-style-Terrorism, in Malaysia-version.
The manipulation of the people’s mind, by feeding massive negative energy into the subconscious of the mass public.

All notorious government would do that with the ultimate goal to Stay In Power.

Terrorism created Inside-out, leveraging on the power of certain groups of followers with deviated-mind. Terrorism infused by Racial Hatred.
A plan staged up so well by certain group of people with AGENDA.
Threats everywhere … people spread out all over like strong wind … various rumours start… conflicts heighten up the heat on internet … deepen conflicts ….. deepen hatred among ethnic groups.
Their goals achieved.

You will NEVER get the REAL Truth from mainstream media, except by your rational, analytic, and the most key element: your crystal clear heart and mind, wiring up all the details from all angles.
The moment you’re going to hit the SHARE button on social media to spread some fierce posts like above mentioned, have you given a second thought yet ?
Are you trying to spread it blindly, or convey it with some constructive/ positive ideas ?

You could see further down on what it really means by Constructive or Positive ideas.

Do you think you are alone ? Do you think the targeted ethnic group are alone ?
Let me tell you that, STAY CALM.
There’re certain groups of people in this city, and even across the states and across ethnic, all these while have been staying very much low-profile, doing all the necessary background job as an obligation, EVERYDAY, to ensure the overall conditions of our beloved nation are not out of control.

“Danger is real, but Fear is Choice” !

Stop falling into the trap of Fear-Mongering.
The only REAL way to get out of the loop of Fear, is to let your heart and mind to fill with Constant POSTIVE energy.

Why Fear-Mongering can be a potential weapon to attack human’s weakness ?
Simple. Because those people know very well that, human’s MIND and HEART is the most powerful channel to spread energy.

You see, the combined power of groups of people can be such powerful,
WHY  DON’T  EACH OF US  MAKE THE BEST  OUT OF IT  by Turning it to More and More POSITIVE VIBE ?
It’s your Positive Mind, Positive Intention, and Positive Actions that count.

To tame your enemy, first of all you need to tame YOUR own heart.
i would like to repeat:-

1. First of all thing: STOP Your Panic.
2. The historical 513 WILL NOT happen again.
3. IF any of you still feel any sence of Panic -> Go back to 1.

Now here are some of the example of constructive ideas that might be of inspiration to you.

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STAY CALM. Stop Hatred. And keep your prayers.

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