Financial Struggles .vs. Sustainable Passive Income

■ On Financial Struggles

I grew up from a family and background where i had seen just too many cases that, financial struggles were among the main causes of decreased personal confidence, health issues caused by anxiety, family fight, and overall negative effects on children, even until they had grown up.

3 decades ago when mobile internet was still not popular, Internet Entrepreneurship was a term hardly heard of. Financial struggles were most obvious among medium-low income groups.

As the wives and mothers, the women counted every cents and ringgit carefully for daily household spending, because the household expenses money from their husbands, remained about the same, throughout 20 ~ 30 years.
As time went on, the Women get easily depressed, even on tiny little things in life. They asked in their heart why their husband were never motivated enough to earn more for the family. A lot of time they released their anxiety on children thru nagging and family fight, without realizing it by themselves. As time went on, their anxiety brought about emotional suffering and health issues. Some went a few extra miles by setting up stalls, selling foods and stuff, but still barely could make decent income.

As the husbands and father, the men felt unrecognized and unappreciated, despite working so hard and dedicated for their employers. Monthly pay and year end bonus remain about the same range, throughout 10 ~ 20 years. Barely can provide a comfortable life for their families. As time went on, they increasingly lost self confidence, got frustrated in life, felt their wife was the main source of troubles, stumbled into alcoholic and gambling. Things got worse when they backed home with drizzle mind and lost temper, releasing the frustration on the wife, thru family violence.
Some men tried to strike fortune from lottery, just to end up 90% loss over every 1000 times of attempts. And they got Even frustrated.

Things were the worst for Single Mothers, back then.

The Chain Reactions. Classic examples of how Financial Struggles bring about consequences in various aspects for an individual, and family :  Health, Life, Relations.

It’s all interconnected.

In those days, men and women who lack of decent cert, but were determined to change their destiny, went on the road of Direct Sales. Amway, CNI, Hai-O Marketing, …. etc.  And with persistence and efforts, they made it.

3 decades on to Now. Mobile internet is part of daily life. Internet Entrepreneurship keep flourishing. Business models evolve to catch up with the advance of this Internet Age. People nowadays can make an Extra monthly 4~6 figures income, just with a mobile device, and from home, together with their personal commitment, persistence, and efforts.

However despite the Change of Times, Financial Struggle remain a big phenomena among low-medium income groups around us.

It never fail to surprise me that, in this Internet Age where things change a whole lot, business models had evolved, some people still think network marketing, or even simple affiliate marketing systems, are something needs to stay away from. I guess some people have been taking for granted too long, about the abundance they get, in the middle class environment. Or, they have YET to catch up with the waves of change of the time.

■ What is Passive Income

💵 Passive Income = Sustainable Money still flow in, regardless you are doing anything… at work, at leisure, at meal, in sleeping;
or, when you stop working one day.

You can only talk about “Earning More BIG Money” or “Get Out of Rat Race” when you can Believe yourself CAN achieve it, and follow with Actions. Otherwise you are forever back to square one, while increasingly getting swept aside by the Wave of Change, end up Regretting Yourself.

I am here to provide solutions and coaching. And the training lessons not only for financial success, but for success in your overall: Health, Life, Relations.

If you are among the people looking for sustainable passive income, leave a message or reach me at HERE and i will be glad to assist you.

To your success and Thank you for reading !



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