What Does Chap Goh Meh means to Everyone, Not Just Chinese

【Luck】is a layman term. In modern scientific term, it’s called 【Energy】. In modern science, everything, including you and me, were constructed from Energy. The Universe is all about Energy.

■ What people think about Chap Goh Meh, the 15th of Jan in Lunar Calendar :

…. the last day in the Chinese New Year, and the Chinese Valentine Day
…. the day to look for their future partner/ boyfriend/ girlfriend
…. the day to throw mandarin oranges into rivers for this purpose
■ What Chap Goh Meh really means, underlying :
…. the golden chance to Boost Your Luck


If your career or relationship has been fantastic in the past 10 years, then Congratulations ! You are going to have 50% potential like Li KaShing, the well-respected Hong Kong business giant, whose business empires remain solid as rock across a few decades.

However, if your career or relationship has been up and down, and maybe a few enemies here and there, then this is a golden chance for you to upgrade your Luck.

■ How to Boost Your Luck on Chap Goh Meh

The day before, or on this day itself, do at least 1 or all of these things :

>> give angpau to people who are less privileged than you, or to people at your workplace

>> bring healthy foods and daily necessaties stuff to homeless people, orphanage, old folks home, ….. etc.

>> bring smiles and happiness to these people, with your special talent, such as playing music for them

>> visit these less privileged people and do a group prayers for them

And THEN : before you leave them, send good wishes to them, wish them always be blessed with good health , great abundance always, great people assistance towards them.

【And Most Importantly : do all above actions , entirely from your heart, with good intention, with Minimal Selfishness.】

Then you are done. I guarantee you will feel Great after doing it, on this very day.

Once you feel great and appreciated, you start to tap into the energy of great abundance, wealth and great relationship.

When you start receiving all these great things to you, your confidence is further boost. You get greater motivation in your career, life, relationship. And the motivation push you to keep going and not giving up.

So you will get the Great results.
And it circulates.

Your Luck is part of your Destiny. Your Destiny is the Reality created by your Thoughts and Actions from the endless past times.

Thoughts and Actions consist of Energy. The Law of Universe.

When your intention are to first benefit others, good lucks follow you, naturally. The positive vibes circulate among the community.

The ancient wisdom says, 【GIVE first, then you will Get, naturally】

To all the Chinese readers, Happy Chap Goh Meh !

To your success and Thank you for reading .

■ ■ ■ ■
I am a part time internet entrepreneur and couch, assisting people to achieve monthly income above 5 figures in 5 to 10 years time. If you are determined to change your destiny, feel free to buzz me here  >> https://goo.gl/x5wdWO

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