How To Stay Undefeated in Romance : For Ladies

There are a whole lot of “Love Tips” out there. In essence, it’s more about techniques, or to be more concise, tactics.

I am just going to share my 2 cents on the 1 key things that matter most for you, if you wish to stay undefeated in your relationship or marriage :
【Never Crutch or Cling on Relationship】.

If you wish to solve a problem, the many different “methods” can help you solve the problem 【partially】, or 【for a limited time frames】. Things might go back to square one if you only use methods.
However, if you wish to solve a problem thoroughly, you would have to look from the 【Source】. Look at how it’s structured. Find the ultimate way to overcome the source.

■【Never Crutch or Cling on Relationship】

Dear Ladies. Relationship and marriage, are not Everything in Life, but only Part of Life.
I have many lady friends who used to fell head over heel about romance, just to realize the many harsh facts after stepping into marriage, and they more or less, regret after.

“I cannot live without you” can exist in songs, movies, stories, but, it cannot exist in your life. Because your life is Real. Whether or not you have a sweetheart, it still boils down to

【How you Live your Life】.

#1… You have the greatness in you. Believe in your greatness. Believe that you do not actually depend on anyone else to kick away your emptiness, loneliness.

#2… Your Emptiness, Loneliness, come from Not yet knowing fully how to live a Meaningful Life.

#3… Stop focusing on how lonely you are. Start 【Living in Present】.

Everyday, count your blessing. Feel grateful.
Say thank you to the things you already have in life : a roof over head, or a body that can carry out daily life, or sufficient foods, or a job, or all those people who helped you before…..
Or, ALL of above things.

Live a mindful life. Just like how you did in school days : Focus Attention.
When having a meal or a beverage, say thank you to it, then enjoy the meal with attention.
When doing household chores, sweeping, washing, tidying….
put your full attention Just on these things, from start to finished.

Stop thinking about any other things.

#4… Make good use of your free time, doing things that are your passion. Exercise at home. Learn Yoga. Learn music. Baking. Drawing. Mountain hiking. Join volunteer charity works…etc.

If you are already in marriage, you have to first Love Yourself, in addition to loving your children.
By knowing to love yourself, you will then understand the importance to set out some Time for your own.

When you fork out some quality time for your own, then you can Learn, then you can Grow. Then things in your life will become greater, because you had learn to manifest your potential into life.

When you can fully put your attention on 【Living in Present】 and 【Caring about Others Suffering】, instead of focus only on your sweetheart, THEN your attractiveness shine from your inner substance, naturally.

What are your inner substance ? Your kindness. Your considerate mind. Your compassion. Your independence.
Your sweetheart will keep after you, instead of Other. ( Provided your sweetheart is a man of worth with substance )

#5… See #1.
I wish you could stay undefeated in your romance or marriage.

To your success and Thanks for reading !


■ ■ ■ ■
I am a part time internet entrepreneur and couch, assisting people to achieve monthly income above 5 figures in 5 to 10 years time. If you are determined to change your destiny, feel free to buzz me HERE

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